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Latest News

WMVA property sold

WMVA, part of the Wyatt Media Group, ceased broadcasting in January, 2019 when the property where the tower was located was sold. The radio station went on the air in 1941 and could be heard on AM1450.

Pipe replacement

In September of 2017 work crews took over the lower end of our property at Koehler where the transmitter facility for WHEE is located. The city of Martinsville spent about $30 million to replace a sewer pipe that traveled along our property near the Smith River.

Theft of riding lawn mower

While work was being done to replace a sewer line on our property at Koehler, our John Deere riding lawn more was stolen along with the trailer that carried it. Neither the mower nor the trailer were ever recovered.

Defective tube

Our old tube transmitter gave us many faithful years of service on WHEE, but it was very expensive to maintain. Two tubes were required to provide the power and had to be replaced every six to nine months. This one was defective and failed shortly after being installed in March, […]

Studio renovation

In July, 2016, renovations of our studios and offices at 40 Franklin Street began. Wallpapering by Patricia did the work.

Satellite dish alignment

Work in July, 2016 to align a satellite dish on the roof at our studios and offices at Franklin Street.

Old courthouse square

From the rooftop of our studios and offices on Franklin Street you can see the old courthouse square across the street.

WHEE transmitter facilities

WHEE’s transmitter facilities from Koehler.

WHEE studio

This board was still in use at WHEE in 2016. It was finally retired in 2019 after many years of great service.